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==>Be the girl with the light beam in the face

Panel #1
Your name is Stephanie Sevenly. Your birthday isn't today, but it is still an important date. It is the first time you are allowed to go to an activist rally. This means that you can not see animes, write or draw, despite being bad at the latter. You also love a variety of things and it would take at least 2 hours telling all, but on the other side, you can count on your fingers the things you hate: Disrespect with nature, false people, be criticized or hasty, slow internet, corruption, and anything that is bad for a good person.
Ah. And Trolls, you hate trolls. Not all, but most of them only know how to criticize you and laugh of your face, you wish you could just get that shit in a face to face confrontation, but you probably couldn't do it because of your shyness.