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Panel #1
A teenaged man stands in his room. It just so happens that today, Feburary 15th, is the day after Valentine's Day. But of course, when would it not be. Nonetheless, this man has had the unfortunate experience of breaking up with his girlfriend yesterday. Yeah, it was a gnarly text scene. You should've seen it. Oh well. I suppose it's about time we tell you this man's name.
This teenaged man is ZANE WEBBER, and not ZOOSMELL POOPLORD or something utterly ridiculous like that. As stated, he is currently in his room. Believe it or not, it's not the large rainbow background that you see here. Zane's interests include TROLLING ON THE INTERNET, COMPUTER GAMES, and DRAWING. He doesn't have any favorite movies, really, but he really loves anything CUTE. But nobody tell anyone that. It's his super dark secret he tells nobody. He thinks he's a pretty swaggy guy, and a gangster thug at that (but he's not). Sheesh, if he read what was written here, I'd be a dead narrator. Yes, sir. His chumHandle is venomousParrot and he prefers to talk with imperfect grammar and lots of abbreviations and also lack of punctuation

Moving on, he is messaging his good Canadian friend. Let's see what he's saying, shall we?