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Dirty Night Clowns

[ Hello, readers, welcome to the fan adventure: DIRTY NIGHT CLOWNS. Yes, I am aware of the symbolism behind the song and no, I have no intention of making this comic about that at all. The idea of the comic was spawned from Gamzee's amvs playing Chris Garneau's 'Dirty Night Clowns'. No, I was NOT inspired by Killer Klowns from Outer Space. That was searched up after this idea was made. ALSO! If you have a huge phobia of clowns, especially when they're eldritched xeno, then its best if you hit [ BACKSPACE ] because you're about to take a trip down Nightmare Fuel Lane! ]

[ The species of alien you're about to meet are called 'Coulrophobe', which means 'fear of clowns'. Yes, these aliens are designed to be horrifying. This is why I said if you are SERIOUSLY SCARED OF CLOWNS OR TRIGGERED BY EVEN THE IMAGE OF ONE, TURN. BACK. NOW. ]

This is my final warning.
Panel #1