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Answer this fuck.

Panel #1
enigmaticPerformer[EP] began trolling deliriousDecimal [DD]
EP: I twisted my a↶kle agai↶.
DD: « what? how? »
EP: U↶eve↶ bars. Agai↶.
DD: « amazing. you should really stop that shit »
DD: « make sure they're even. get a ruler. »
EP: ↶o, baby, that's the poi↶t of them.
EP: They're supposed to be u↶eve↶.
DD: « thats dumb. youre gonna kill yourself. »
EP: I've broke↶ like almost all the bo↶es i↶ my body but dammit I'm still here!
EP: Death ai↶'t comi↶' rou↶d soo↶!
DD: « ill believe you once you get your ass off those bars »
DD: « you ever heard of sgrub or w/e »
EP: ↶ah ↶ever heard of it. Is it like Mi↶ecraft????
DD: « probably. ill check it out later and send you some screenies. »
EP: Yesssssssss. I wa↶↶a play it with you later the↶.
DD: « maybe if its even two-playered. but its w/e »
DD: « i gotta check up on some shit and ill catch back up with you soon ok »
EP: Ok. If I'm ↶ot here, I'm somewhere.
DD: « okay whatever. as long as youre not dead. love u jimbles »
EP: Love you too, sugar.
deliriousDecimal [DD]ceased trolling enigmaticPerformer[EP]