Panel #1

Author Notes: Hi welcome to my fan adventure. Please do not drool on other readers as you gaze over the majesty of the story, and remember to place money in the tip box on your way out.

But in all seriousness thanks for bothering to read this. This fan adventure is currently a way for me to express myself as well as a way for me to learn how to draw. As such you may see sudden spikes in the art quality as time progress, because I'm becoming ever so slightly less shitty at art. ( 1st big leap is about 30 sum pgs in)

This story, is one that has been stuck in my head ever since I first read homestuck, so I am finally happy to get it out and see my characters do stuff.

So far I have had an absolute blast writing this adventure and hopefully you will enjoy it too!

Dedications: This fan adventure is dedicated to my friends and also my art mentor Sleepcircle, for it was he who taught me that art is awesome.