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Panel #1

Your name is KANAYA MARYAM and this is your ROOM. Haha. Just kidding. This will never be your room. Just because your MOTHER, Virginia M. Grubb, sent you to this academy doesn't mean you'll ever really consider it your home, especially when the walls aren't plastered with your various INTERESTS. You mother would insist she just wants the best education for you, but you know better. She just doesn't want you around boys. She has this whole obsession with CHASTITY that you don't much care for. It's no coincidence she sent you to an all girl's school.

You could spend some time to make this dreadfully plain room into something worthy of an aspiring fashion designer such as yourself, but right now you have the more important task of walking to the principal's office. You've already met him with your mother, of course, but he takes it upon himself to greet every transfer student personally. Especially one as much "potential" as yourself. PRINCIPAL SCRATCH is a benevolent educator indeed.

But wait! What's this?