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Your name is KARKAT VANTAS and you've just arrived at your ALTERNIAN DISTRICT COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE. It's your first day at this HORRIBLE EDUCATIONAL FACILITY and unfortunately, you DON'T KNOW ANYONE except your best friend SOLLUX CAPTOR, who is, of course, nowhere to be found at the moment. Slippery fucker.

You have a number of CLASSES to go to during the day, which can be viewed on your SCHEDULE, which is currently stored in your SYLLADEX. You made a habit of keeping everything in there, including your BACKPACK, because most of the MORE ROWDY STUDENTS here like to STEAL THINGS. You think having your SCHEDULE EQUIPPED will be a good idea when the bell rings, so that you're not LATE for your first class. Good thing you have a new FETCH MODUS, considering if you'd brought your OLD ONE, it would take you TWO HOURS OF CODING just to RETRIEVE SOMETHING.

It'll be a few minutes before the bell rings. What will you do?