Panel #1
"Oh, come on!"

Linky, slipping away from your freshly-cuffed forehooves, gives you a not-very-apologetic grin. "Sorry! Ombudsmare's orders."

You look down at her in disbelief. "You're arresting me? On what grounds?"

"..." Linky hesitates. "Dunno. Just following orders, like I said."

"Sure," you say, "from an ombudsmare! Whose job it is to investigate other ponies' complaints, not to go around arresting ponies without prior provocation!" You glare at Swift Justice. "Is somepony complaining about me?"

Swift Justice fidgets, having enough character to appear embarrassed while being paranoid. "Uh... you clearly know something about these meteors, and you have to tell us, for the public safety!"

You sigh. "I recognize that, and I'd be happy to. But my point is, you're an ombudsmare. Did someone complain to you about me or not?"

She gulps. "Umm... yes. Yes, of course! Berry Punch did!"

You all turn and stare at Berry, who appears to be half-asleep and is clearly not participating in the discussion. "Will nopony think of the children?!" she murmurs to herself.

This is why you never want to be part of the government.