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TS: The townsfolk should know better than to question your judgment or organization skills at this point.

Panel #1
"Right," you say, "let's get this sorted out. I'm sure you're all thinking this current crisis is either one I caused, or one I'm solving, and I'm happy to say it's the latter. In something like six minutes, my library is going to escape Ponyville to a place without meteors crushing everything, and if you hurry inside it then you don't have to get crushed either. Go!"

Some of the ponies assembled before you exchange glances. Then Mayor Mare gives an unhappy cough. "Thank you, dear, but that shan't be happening."

You wonder if your various body parts will ever stop twitching today. Maybe this is what Pinkie Pie feels like all the time. "What? Yes, it will! Those meteors are going to keep on falling, look, I've got a book that says so!" You remember that you left Lodestar in the Skaia in the library. "Okay, so I don't have a book, but I'm still a trustworthy source! Run! Save yourselves!"

"Twilight Sparkle," she says, "I do understand. Such a frightful occasion, and such a generous offer! But it just wouldn't do for us to gallop away to safety by your side. We are the public sector, you see. It's our duty to help the good citizens of Ponyville, not to run away when there's trouble stirring."

You pause, struck by the unexpected response. This is not a calculation you are in any position to do at the moment. Your base goal is to save as many lives as possible, with an unstated premise that the lives saved be essentially random, to avoid any issues of morality/guilt that might arise from favoritism. But you have been assuming it's possible for ponies to survive while remaining in Equestria, provided they possess some combination of shelter and common sense. If these public servants are able to remain calm in the face of danger -- you glance worriedly at Ink Well, who is shivering with terror, and at Swift Justice, who appears to be teetering between anger and fear, and at the receding form of Ponyville's panicked timekeeper -- it's certainly possible that they could do more good by being left behind than by coming with you. And it's not abandoning them if it's their idea in the first place, right?

Still... "All of you?" you ask. "Mr. Wright, you're a notary!" He gives the faintest of dismissive nods. "Are there really so many ponies who'll be needing things notarized in the apocalypse?"

"Immaterial! I am a public servant; ergo, my service is ipso facto to same public."

"Cheerilee?" You turn desperately to her. "Cheerilee, please, you're my friend. I don't want to lose you."

She walks tenderly forward. "I'm sorry, Twilight. You're a great friend, but I have responsibilities you don't have, and vice versa. You need to... well, I'm guessing it involves saving the world somehow. But Berry and I need to look out for all the foals, and make sure they're safe and not too frightened."

"Think of the children!" shouts Berry Punch, in what you'll charitably assume was an intentional response to what Cheerilee said.

Mayor Mare smiles a little. "Don't fret about us. We've held up against those parasprites, and that dragon, and that Trixie's little invasion, and even the Cutie Mark Crusaders! Why, I've written up a new town evacuation plan I've been just dying to test out! Forget about Ponyville, and be on your merry way."

"Good luck, Twilight," says Cheerilee. "We all believe in you."

The clock is ticking, so you accept their arguments and steel yourself to go. Then Linky darts in and you hear a clicking sound below you.