LoRaF: Be a pony.

Panel #1
Nya! You are neko neko LoRaF-tan: elite P-pop singer, superstar gymnast, most popular girl on campus, and all-round cutie pie. Also you like to dress up like a cat for fun. In your glory days, your face appeared all over the world in a constant stream of commercials, cereal boxes, and record-topping music videos, everypony in love with your cute little kitty ears and striking blue and silver coloration. "The ice princess with the heart of gold." It was a great life -- perfect in every conceivable way, just like you -- and you always did your best to help your less popular schoolmates shed their personal problems and overcome their obstacles. You even invited them to join you on your singing tours, but for some reason they never accepted. It's lonely at the top, nya~

More recently, though, Skaia-sempai has become DESU Commander ("Daredevil Equestrian Salvation Unit") and inducted you and the other five planet ponies into its ranks as the first line of defense for the entire world. Which, by the way, is apparently getting smaller. A purple, amorphous enemy is making itself known from the surrounding darkness, and it's up to the six of you to defeat it. Ordinarily this would be a daunting task, since being a gymnast is a far cry from being a warrior, especially when nothing you do ever seems to please Skaia-sempai. She does sometimes show favor to some of your friends, making you feel flashes of evanescent jealousy, but never to you. Ordinarily you wouldn't be sure you could stand this new life, so dangerous and so divorced from your former luxury. Ordinarily.