Panel #1
Spike hurries over to her like the loyal assistant he is. "Are you okay, Twilight?" he asks.

"I'll be fine, Spike," she says. "I'm just really worried and confused. And for one insane moment I thought that maybe coming to Sugarcube Corner would make things make a little more sense."

"Hang on," says Apple Bloom. "Twilight, did you say you copied the taffy machine?"

"I did," she says. "It was one of my biggest boners yet. Uhh..." -- she looks awkwardly around her -- "...from the Old Zebrican Bon, meaning 'Clone,' of course!"

Everypony nods understandingly.

"But Scootaloo was in that taffy machine!" says Sweetie Belle. "Are you saying we're going to have two Scootaloos to deal with now? And Rainbow Dashes, too?"

"I don't know," says Twilight. "We'll need to find them first, and with Rainbow Dash escaped, my console isn't showing either of them anymore."

"Oh!" you say, happy to have something to say that'll make Twilight feel a bit better. "Don't worry about that! I've got a crack team of pegasi on the job, and I bet they'll find those taffy machines no problem at all!"