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Panel #1
As the first bridge begins, you try to get a sense of how serious Pinkie is. "So," says Sweetie Belle, "because Bon-Bon said she didn't know who Rarity was that one time..."

"...she hates all six of you?" finishes Apple Bloom.

"Oh, nopony could hate Fluttershy!" says Pinkie Pie quickly. "But don't worry; I've got tons more evidence than that!"
Panel #2
"Waitwaitwaitwait," says Scootaloo, while Pinkie repeats Bon-Bon's name to herself in time with the music. "This is dumb. Bon-Bon's in my official Rainbow Dash fan club! Why would she want to kill one of Rainbow Dash's best friends?"

"That's a really good point!" says Sweetie Belle. "You should sing that to Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo."

Scootaloo blanches. "Oh no. No more singing for me. You girls do it!"
Panel #3
The somewhat slanderous song is suddenly stopped by a speedily sagittate spectrum. And then a crash, and then a silence, broken by Pinkie's happily exclaiming "Dashie!"