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Compelled Corruption

Panel #1

This fanventure is the product of my imagination. Various gags or references are either from Homestuck itself or movies, TV shows, and other pop culture media. The style definitely is owed to Andrew Hussie, but plot content and what-have-you belongs to myself or my friends (unless other specified here.)

Most of the slides have been created by my own hand, various things from google images, images from the MSPFA forums and several tumblr blogs (namely;,, and Other images were obtained from the wikipage or from the original webcomic. If you see something used that might belong to you specifically, shoot a message over on the provided tumblr link and I will add it to this list, crediting the slide to your name/username/whatever-you-wish.

This title image was inspired by the title page from Smifstuck by LeddBlack. You should check it out. Pretty fuckin' sweet.

With all of that out of the way, please enjoy this shitty fanventure.