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Yume Niko

Panel #1
This is not your room. It looks like your room, but one look outside at that pink watery world reminds you you’re still dreaming. You barely remember having normal dreams, so long ago, before that fateful day, the day you dreamed of here. Always the same perfectly replicated mockery of your room, the same pink land outside your door, the same disgusting worlds beyond. Fascinated at first, you began exploring. You took to shutting yourself in your room; you became obsessed with the dream, recording every detail in an old book you found, but soon the wonder turned to horror, and you had had enough. You shut the door of dream room, and never left again. You tucked away your diary, and left it behind forever. But the dream never stopped. Years have passed since that day, but it still lingers on. You tire of your room, and that door tempts you more with each passing day, but your resolve is strong; you will never pass through.

You are Poniko.
What will you do?