Don't Name It

(Once you name it, you get attached to it.)
Panel #1
Your name is VRISKA SERKET

You H8 EVERYONE. There’s just no beating around the bush about that. Left and right, you can just FEEL people JUDGING YOU for just about everything. Even the people you talk to every day are out to get you, you are absolutely sure of it. Because you know that they know. Your HIDEOUS MUTATION can only be hidden for so long before people catch on.

You are also pretty sure they hate the things you like, too. Which brings us to your INTERESTS. You have a fondness for BOARD GAMES and GAMES BASED ON CHANCE. You keep your LUCKY DICE with you at all times, but those tend to do JACK SQUAT against enemies, so instead you just BASH THEM ON THE HEAD with your SHOVELKIND abstratus. You also like to CLIMB THINGS and have hopped MORE THAN EIGHT HUNDRED FENCES to get to things you want. Or uh, at least, you've hopped the same fence you put up around your hive eight hundred times.

But no matter how much you hate them, and how much you know they hate you, there's still one VERY IMPORTANT THING you need to do today. Your Yellow-Blooded friend has been working on this game ever since she dug the code up from those underwater ruins with MISTER MAKEUP and Princess Berryb00-h00. She was completely adamant that you would play this game with her tonight, and because it is your WRIGGLING DAY, you would be the first one to play it under her good graces.

That's what she told you, but you know better. She's just letting you in first because this game is a DEATH SENTENCE. This game will make everyone die in the end, you just know it. You've seen these tropes happen before countless times in other ROLE PLAYING GAMES you've played before. First one in the dungeon, last one to die. And on your WRIGGLING DAY, no less! You would do anything to put this off forever and never play this stupid game


Well, you don't know. You don't want to disappoint your friend. She's been working so hard to make this game exactly the way she found it, coding and typing and writing. What's her deal? It's a game. It shouldn't really be that dangerous. And besides, if what she leaked about its story is true, your hideous mutation might be rendered completely irrelevant. Also your lusus is probably hungry again (when isn't she????????) and you'll have to go inside sooner or later to feed her. If anything, you should at least close the door or something so that the light doesn't attract any burglars or anything.

Or you could just stay on this fence for a while and stare at nothing. That works too.

What will you do?