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Panel #1
Every troll survives the trials, and gets a lusus. Sometimes things go slightly screwy, and things take a little longer to work out- but every living troll went through the trials, and got accepted by a lusus. All of them.
No one ever said that trial then lusus was the only way things had to happen- indeed, there is a very famous precedent of a lusus Jadeblooded Troll choosing a hatchling Mutated Limeblooded Troll before they could undertake their trials-

Look, the point I'm trying to make here is that every troll that ever existed went through two distinct phases in their life- a Trial and an Acceptance. They don't always happen in that order, but they do always happen.

This can be problematic.
The motherfucking Mirthful Messiahs- Yes, really- could tell you that for sure.