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Let's Just Try Not To Get Ourselves Killed

Panel #1
You happen upon this troll girl who seems to have been injured by one of the colorful rocks lying on the ground. You stare intently at her for a few moments and finally decide that she's one of the trolls you've been looking for. Now that that's settled...

Updated: 7/10/15
Here is where I shall document changes that I have made to already existing pages and maybe write some other notes.


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NOTE: I was planning on doing an "Ask Clarkia whatever you want" thing in between nights, but since I made the tumblr, I figured you could ask her things whenever you wanted, so I decided against it. I just thought I should let you know. (On that note, you can ask any of the characters questions if you would like.)


No major changes in information have been made. I just felt like editing the beginning to make it more interesting since I was a little unhappy with the way I had it before.
Page 2: Edited narration
Page 3: Shortened intro
Page 7: Edited narration
Added what is now page 8
Page 11: Edited narration
Added what is now page 12-15
Deleted what used to be page 18

Page 242: Added a small paragraph I can't believe I forgot (it probably makes more sense now... haha whoops sorry) *facepalm*