Hivebent Gamma

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Your name is TEREZI PYROPE. Today is neither your WRIGGLING DAY nor anyone else's that you know of.

You aren't really enthusiastic about anything in particular but you do engage in ROLEPLAYING once in a while, not LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAYING though and certainly never the MORE EXTREME ROLEPLAYING. You guess you might like it but you learn from your friends' accidents enough not to try anything that will cost you a limb or two in a cycle of revenge. Since you live just shy of the woods, you mostly spend your time EXPLORING said woods and SETTING TRAPS to keep nosy intruders and beasts away from your hive.

You take an interest in justice and ORCHESTRATING THE DEMISE OF THE WICKED. Though you can't really see that working out for you since only trolls of teal blood usually join the ranks of the LEGISLACERATORS, it dampens your spirits greatly but with the possibility of adding to the VOICES OF THE IMMINENTLY DECEASED in the back of your mind, you think it's better off you stay away from that profession.

Your trolltag is agelastAttainder and you SPEAK WITH S0RT 0F A H0LL0W T0NE IN Y0UR V0ICE.

What will you do?