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Take a quick look at what each group is wanting.

The Everyparty seeks to assist the Everyman in his quest to rid reality of threats to humanity's continued existence. In the likely event that he has perished, they will continue the fight in his absence.

The Value of Life Caucus shares many goals with the Everyparty, but favors compassion and rehabilitation for the enemies of existence. After all, they remind us, we were a mindless thug once.

The Commonwealth Republicans desire the improvement of life for the people of the Commonwealth by establishing a fair and representative government. The old Commonwealth, with its military rule and Allocations Department, is seen as a tyrranical organization.

Interventionist Progressives split off from the Republican faction recently. They believe we ought to use our abilities to guide humanity into a prosperous future while their former fellows favor independence from godlike bird monsters for the children of Mary and Ryan.

Grek was a marine in the Commonwealth air fleet. He assaulted enemy vessels with only his shield and hand axe. He sides often with the Republicans but tends to be more hawkish.

The Annihilationists want to kill the Everyman, destroy his creations, and recreate the singularity.

The Polyhedron Bloc is a splinter group with the same goals as the Annihilationists, but embrace a slower, more insidious path to victory as inspired by the stone shapes after which they have named themselves.

The Animal Instinct Party speaks for the basic fight or flight logic which was the basis of our original composition.