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Panel #1
Your name is JILL, and BOY, do you like GREEN. You do many things, including blogging, reading, drawing, and WRITING SMUT. Your TRUE PASSION, however, lies in THE COLLECTION OF GREEN RABBITS. You would most definitely SHANK A BITCH for a chance to grab a SOFT, FURRY GREEN FRIEND.

No, of course you don’t keep them in your room! That would be silly. Your mother would see them and realize just how much money your addiction to SMALL GREEN HOPPING MAMMALS eats up. Like any sensible addict, you hide your hopeless addiction IN YOUR CLOSET.

Your closet is just about PACKED TO BURSTING with these long-eared fellows. This will probably lead to HILARIOUS ANTICS involving GREEN PLUSH COTTONTAILS.

You also like BLUE. But not nearly as much as you like GREEN. Green is somewhat of an obsession for you. You should probably get help soon, before things get OUT OF CONTROL.

Instead, you are going to talk to one of your FRIENDS. You only have TWO of those, one of which is mostly based on the desire to STAB EACH OTHER IN THE FACE REPEATEDLY, and both of which are based on the desire to stab OTHER PEOPLE in the face repeatedly. You are probably a BUDDING PSYCHOPATH, but let’s not worry about that now.