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Panel #1
[] Today Fri June 3, 2011

[3:10:37 AM] poisonPoltergeist: I think you have this stove over here
[3:10:43 AM] poisonPoltergeist: it's not gas, right?
[3:10:45 AM] stilettoHurricane:....wait dude no
[3:10:46 AM] stilettoHurricane:no
[3:10:46 AM] stilettoHurricane:no
[3:10:47 AM] poisonPoltergeist: 8D
[3:10:50 AM] stilettoHurricane:okay no joking
[3:10:54 AM] poisonPoltergeist: ttly time to go mad with power~
[3:10:56 AM] stilettoHurricane:please don;t touch the stove
[3:10:57 AM] stilettoHurricane:no no
[3:10:58 AM] stilettoHurricane:I;m serious please
[3:11:01 AM] stilettoHurricane:anything but the stove okay?