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Tavros: Introduce yourself

Panel #1
Your name is TAVROS NITRAM. You are approximately 6.9 sweeps old, or as would a human say, 15 YEARS. So is BASICALLY EVERYONE ELSE YOU KNOW. For some reason, everyone from Alternia is living in HOUSTON now, probably because it's the closest place to any of the humans that is SIMILAR TO YOUR HOME PLANET.
You've been in a WHEELCHAIR since your now-matesprit VRISKA SERKET mind-controlled you off of a cliff. However, lately, something weird has been going on. You've been REALLY TIRED, and your mouth has felt SUPER DRY... and you've been able to STAND UP. You still keep the chair around since your hive DOESN'T REALLY HAVE ANY OTHER CHAIRS, but you somehow NO LONGER NEED IT.