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Panel #1
Oh! Hey! It's a very close personal friend!

hey altari!
what are you doing up so late?

... hi jhojho
i came over with um

i bet you did, haha.
jhojho um
im thcared

aww, i'm sorry.

This is ALTARI ANANTH, the big spider's new troll. She picked Altari from the brooding caverns about a sweep ago, when Equius left Alternia and you had to feed the spider by yourself. Since then, you have trained Altari to hunt other trolls to feed her lusus.

Altari currently lives in Equius's old hive, but she will move into yours when you leave this evening. Within a few hours, she will have sole responsibility for feeding her lusus.

She is less than a sweep old.

scared of taking over feeding her, you mean?
thcared of getting eated
like everybody elthe

you're not going to get eaten!
we talked about this, remember?
she's your lusus, and she'll take care of you as long as you take care of her.
and if you rely on your friends to help you hunt, you'll be just...