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Aradia: Let them know the deal.

Panel #1
here is the deal
0r rather the decree
y0u tw0 are g0ing t0 st0p fighting
right n0w
i d0nt trust either 0f y0u t0 d0 that 0f y0ur 0wn v0liti0n
s0 i am 0fficially indefinitely banning either 0f y0u fr0m interacting with the 0ther
i cann0t and will n0t mediate between y0u and theref0re i must simply terminate y0ur interpers0nal c0ntact
y0u are n0t all0wed t0 talk t0 each 0ther
y0u are n0t all0wed t0 be in the same bl0ck as each 0ther
y0u are n0t even all0wed t0 ap0l0gize and be friends again because y0u w0uld find a way t0 turn that int0 an argument
i have had a very painful day and i h0pe y0u b0th kn0w exactly why
and s0 i currently have zer0 t0lerance f0r y0ur shenanigans
if i find either 0f y0u dis0beying this decree then y0u will be haunted by the spirits 0f every last 0ne 0f y0ur victims
and y0u each have en0ugh that i am sure it w0uld be a very literal living hell
have i made myself perfectly clear