Vriska: Tell the truth.

Panel #1
You could lie. You could try to manipulate the shit out of this phantom. But to what end? Your tricks work on trolls, but what works on a flesh-and-blood troll would not work the same on a dice-produced illusion.

You are not talking to Dualscar. You are talking to your dice. And you may be able to use dice to cheat, but as far as you know there is no way to cheat against dice. The truth is just as likely to work as anything else. Really, no matter what you say, it is still up to luck.

And you are beginning to get tired from weaving so many lies today. Especially since they do not seem to work.

What do you mean, "it"?
You mean would I sta8 you in the 8ack again?

Wwhat else wwould I be askin?

Terezi is not intervening. She seems quite satisfied to sit back and listen to the exchange. To see where this goes. Maybe her curiosity will kill her. But you don't even cross your fingers over that.

So, Mindfang?
Wwould you do it again?


I already did.

Refuge in audacity.