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Eridan: Play dress-up.

Oooh! Forget the fancy coat! You just stick that in your sylladex to play with later. You found a CAPE! Quick, put it on and some pants and shoes and strike a cool pose.
Panel #1
hello gentlemen
look at your kismesis
noww back to me
noww back at your kismesis
noww back to me
sadly your kismesis is not me
but if he stopped wwearin stupid black swweaters and swwitched to this bitchin cape he could look like hes me--
Eridan, pipe dowwn!

You are keeping this forever.

Funny. You have spent your whole life wearing pretty much the same bunch of rags--pants shirt and scarf, just trying to hide as much of your body as you can--and yet, something about this, the cape, the rifle...