Eridan: Have a sad flashback.

Panel #1
You watched this movie all the time when you were a kid. In particular, you watched it every time somebody dumped you, shot you down, or you were remembering/anticipating such an event. Maybe you could not find love, but you could at least cheer on Ariel as she found it. Considering that you... were...

Wait, what's up with the skirt and tube top? Cod, this is a flashback to after Vriska dumped you, isn't it? Why, of all the hundreds of viewings you could have flashed back to, did you have to choose the one where you were in drag? It was a comfort thing! Wearing that crap reminded you of how much you hated her! You did not really sit around in a skirt every time you watched this movie! Sheesh.

Anyway, considering that you were dumped and shot down so often, you naturally have the movie just about memorized. You remember every word to every song. All of the words. ALL OF THEM.

You fucking love this movie. Even if you would never admit that to another sea dweller.