Panel #1
You wake up, this time you're not sure what you've woken up to. But whatever it is, it's giving you a throbbing head ache. All you hear is a loud beep coming from some bracelet in your hand while simultaneously hearing a beep coming from a nearby machine.
Panel #2
You look around and examine your sorroundings for a bit, seems like there's a machine with about 3 screens, one of them being blacked out while the other two show faces that seem somewhat familiar, or maybe it's just your schizophrenia? You have a tough time knowing the difference between real people or people you've just made up in your head. You also start gaining a bit more sense to realize that you're covered in blood. How you couldn't notice this before is a mystery to everyone. There's three buttons, each with pretty pictures and colors. You don't know which you want to slam the most. Aswell there's a poster with squiggly lines written all over it. Of course you can't read though since reading is for people who aren't doing important stuff like you. Whatever that important thing you're doing is now.

To see more context and more panels, I highly suggest you look at the original threads.