Panel #1
May 16th, 2012. A day much like every other, save for the blisteringly awful fact that the world was about to end. Worlds came and went, of course. Entire solar systems sometimes were slaughtered by the whims of physics and the universe. A black hole here, galactic cannibalism there, a terrible wave of cosmic radiation from a nearby supergiant, the odd sun going nova - all of it just happened to happen, and every planet had its own little life to live out.

Our story begins on this little blue-green planet which, by pure chance, happened to house sentient life. It is an unremarkable sort of planet otherwise, and quite frankly, it has absolutely no idea what it's in for. It is completely unaware that it is liable to be violently peppered with asteroids from a distant defense network. It remains entirely ignorant of the fact that it is in the way of an approaching hyperspace bypass, it walks past the possibility of being vaporized by a moon-sized space station, and it is only barely cogniscient of the fact that its own inhabitants are so bloody-minded as to be able to irradiate its entire surface with its own nuclear weaponry. It's a bit of a blessing, really, because if the Earth had any idea that it was in so much danger from any literary source at any given time, it might have thrown quite a fit, and who knows what might have happened then.

So, life continues on, for the earth, for the moon, for the sun, and for all the squishy little animals that live their tiny little lives on Earth. For the sake of brevity, we're only going to pay attention to the sentient tool-users - specifically, the Earthling humans.