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Panel #1
Twelve trolls who have been by friendship reunited
Twelve players who have been to a game invited
Though in their homeworld they would have wanted to stay
They will have to take part in a game they must play

Through friendship and rivalry they all shall unite
And need to keep heading on with all of their might
Guided in their quest by out-of-worldly heroes
Their only right path will be the one which you chose

Though some minds will be crashed and some lives will be lost
For a prize they covet no matter at what cost
There's no need to reveal, but rather to wish luck
As you unravel the story of Zodiacstuck.

Hello there.
I know the art is crappy. Don't try to tell me. Some panels have been re-drawn three or two years after their first uploading.
I intent on redoing the first 50 panels or so. However, even using pre-made assets, those things take time. You might stumble upon a decent panel, then next page the art is all crappy. I know. But quality takes time to make, so I will need to ask for your patience.
Dialogues and text will be re-written too.
Thanks for your patience. Enjoy.