Panel #1
Your name is CONRAD SUN and today is a very special day, or at least you think it is, it almost feels like you have been standing in your room for almost a year and as if the art style changed? Nevermind. Today mostly seems special because you are supposed to play a GAME with your FRIENDS. You like playing games. You like plenty of things like playing POKÉMON or FIDUSPAWN and watching the GAME GRUMPS or watching MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, pretty much anything that doesn't really count as an activity because you’re not the biggest athlete. In fact, you are kind of a WIMP of the SUCKING variety when it comes to that. None of this stops you from being in the best of moods though. This especially relates to the times that you are the VendingVigilante, as shown by your chumhandle. You fight for the justice of all people that are PLAGUED by the injustice of VENDING MACHINES. Vhen you become vun vith justice, you tend to talk like zis.

What will you do?