Panel #1
Your name is DAXIIA DOOLEY.

You’re kind of LAZY and love to SLEEP WHENEVER YOU CAN. Unlike most of the trolls you know, you FEEL VERY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR EMOTIONS. Unfortunately, this has led to you being seen as SOMETHING OF A CRYBABY, but you tend to try and ignore that detail. Speaking of emotions, you’re absolutely fascinated by them. In fact, you have made a hobby out of OBSERVING HOW OTHERS REACT TO CERTAIN SITUATIONS and admittedly obtain a SICK DELIGHT from watching someone who wouldn’t normally cry break down and BLUBBER LIKE A WIGGLER… Unless that troll happens to be your friend, in which case you still get a kick out of it, but don’t hesitate to be there for them.

On top of your emotionology studies, you have a number of other interests, including DRAWING. This is pretty evident, judging by all that shit littering your room. Your friends consider you to be their resident artist and you will often draw for their amusement. When you’re not drawing, you can often be found READING. Your lusus brings home new books ever so often (among other things that you don’t really want to talk about) and you TOTALLY LOVE IT. You also seem to be ON TOP FORM WHEN IT COMES TO ELECTRONICS and are an expert on BOOTLEGGING and FIXING FUCKED UP COMPUTERS.

Your trolltag is asinineStoryteller and you try to speak re/ative/y carefu//y…

So what are you going to do?