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Panel #1
Well, XD. Where are we today? Well it seems that you are in a school- BUT WAIT A MINUTE. Here are all your friedns!!!!!!!! Whoa there is a lot (NOT ALL INCLUDED IN PICTURE XD). The windows are boarded up and whoa lets listen in on the conversation!!

Julia: Oh, Zoe, i cooked some ramen for you in the cafeteria.
Zoe: Oh, Julia, i will eat your ramen while swagifying my new shovel i built out of our children.
Josh: What is the shovel for Zoe?
Zoe: Well, it seems that I will use the shovel to dig out of this evil school, Josh.
Josh: Good idea Zoe, i should have thought about that before XD!
Harriet: Ssssh, monobear might here you, he is watching you know!
Sarah: LOl
Jeffery: Why are you laughing Sarah?
Sarah: Ooooo, Jeffery, i don't know, laughing is just another form of expression.
Sarah: Like killing people.
Jeffery: Oh my.
Austin: unf.
Deanna: no.
Olivia: my leg.
Dr. Bernstein: Well it seems children, we will be stuck here forever.
Zoe: But at least we have swag like XD.
Logan: Did i say you could talk, bitch?
Kyle: Well, what is going on i mean like totally wow xd.
Monobear: Quiet!