Chapter 1


Violence, murder, mutilation, disease, harassment, abuse, rape, brainwashing, kinkshaming, implied pedophilia fantasies from two characters, classism, ableism, lookism are all featured in this story.

The story and its author do NOT endorse any of the above.
In fact, the entirety of the trigger warning material repulse me. I strive for nonviolence, respect of everyone’s boundaries, feminism, consent, antiracism, LGBTA rights, antilookism, anticapitalism and the end of all kinds of oppression. I may make mistakes, I may be worthy of all kinds of energetic criticism, I may miss various fights of social justice and not make enough efforts, but I try to be good, to not bury my head in the sand, to do good things in the world and to encourage other people to do so, too.
Looking back at the past chapters of this story (written in the past five years), I feel like I’ve done a pretty bad job at establishing a healthy position towards some issues, and the narrative tissue clearly supports some oppressions. I am particularly not at ease with the Patriarcha/Progeny subplot and the repeated kinkshaming towards babyfurs.
If I re-started this story from scratch in 2016, I would completely delete both elements and a lot of other problematic stuff. But the story was written in a specific shape, and a lot of things are impossible to retcon; I may retcon stuff, and if I do so I’ll precisely indicate what I’ve retconned, but MOST of the problematic material will stay.
I will not disavow the past chapters of this story. Making mistakes is part of life, making storytelling mistakes is part of an author’s life, and amongst storytelling mistakes, problematic stuff potentially reinforcing oppression is unavoidable, particularly in the early years but potentially forever. The important thing is to be able to look back at what one wrote, to recognize some representations and fictive events are toxic, to assume, to warn the readers and to move on.

I apologize for writing problematic material and for the potential negative influence of said problematic material.

Enjoy Alabaster but please keep a critical eye towards it and towards all kinds of cultural products.

(A more exhaustive disclaimer will follow on the blog)

Raphaël Lafarge "Cauchemar", April 15th 2016