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After a several months of begging and otherwise making a general nuisance of yourself, you finally convinced your older brother to let you play his new AUDIO-VISUAL CARTRIDGE, LEGEND OF ZUDA: THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT OF IMMINENT TIME PARADOXES. It is 1999 and the game has been out for almost an entire year, leaving you to pout jealously as you are subjected by your peers to the rave reviews of the game's UNQUESTIONABLE AWESOMENESS.

Not wanting to be left in the dark any longer, you quickly rush to the living room with the NONTENDO 6400 and jam the AUDIO-VISUAL CARTRIDGE into the AUDIO-VISUAL CARTRIDGE RECEIVER. The big screen VIDEO EMITTER flickers to life, showing you the satisfying opening menu.
Panel #1
After a short deliberation, you decide to do as the game commands and press start.
Panel #2
You are greeted with a set of SAVE FILES to choose from. You're unsure of who this "Ben" is, but it is very evident that he must be a rather great ZUDA player to gain all of those LIFE POINTS.