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Moronic Killjoy.


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Will Tomson

Your name is Will as aforementioned. You enjoy GAMING and consider yourself to be PRETTY DARN GOOD AT IT. You are somewhat of a NERD, but only WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT, which is ALWAYS. You have NO CRUSHES on any idols, FICTIONAL or OTHERWISE. Your friends are mostly INSUFFERABLY INTELLIGENT, save for the occasional STUPID ONE. You dislike FOOLISHNESS and MOST PINK OBJECTS..

You tend to type using SARCASM most, if not ALL THE TIME. Your text color is #DAA520

>Will: Examine Room

You gaze around at your bedroom, many knicknacks on your DESK and BOOKSHELF illuminating more of your INTERESTS. There is a large amount of FANTASY and SCI-FI books and toys, showing a bit of a CONFLICT as to which is better. You note your OVERSIZED MASTER SWORD which you purchased at the RENNAISANCE FAIR leaning against a wall, perfect for your GREATSWORD KIND STRIFE SPECIBUS.


You don't need to captchalogue it, it won't do any good there! You allocate it to your strife specibus though, and equip it. Oh yeah, no one is gonna mess with you with this thing. Except maybe your UNCLE.

>Will: Captchalogue Takunuva(Post Shadow Leech Attack)

You Captchalogue your beloved Takunuva, Toa of both Light and Shadow. He is probably the most complex LEGO object you've ever created, and he normally stands proudly on your desk.
Your DEBATE Fetch Modi let's you captchalogue anything with ease, but to remove anything you have to beat it in a debate about the object. This means that objects you own are easily retrieved, as you know all about them, but strange objects are difficult to retrieve at best.

>Will: Solve Rubix Pyramid
You spend awhile fiddling with it, until suddenly your phone beeps at you. Someone is trying to get your attention!
woodlandSoul begun pestering chronoMaster
WS:Hey Will, what's up?
CM:Not much, been messing around with my fetch modus and strife specibus, getting ready for this game.
WS:Oh yeah, you excited to play?
CM:No, I'm just sitting here getting all equipped and stuff because the Boy Scout motto is Be Prepared. Of course I'm excited!
WS:Haha cool. Well did it come yet?
CM:Yes. Yes it did come, and I'm sitting here blabbing with you about it instead of playing it.
WS:Aww really?
WS:I know silly. Anyway it'll come soon I'm sure. I'm gonna go see if mine has come yet, ttyl! :)
CM:K, Cya
woodlandSoul has ceased pestering chronoMaster

>Will: Check mailbox

Nope, the little swingy arm-dealy is still down. Looks like you'll have to wait.