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Card Duel

Panel #1
You are one of the top Card Duelists in Brokyo. Your deck has slain countless foes. Bounty, adequate. It is another dark evening in the Dragon's Den comic shop. You are feeling particularly in the flow tonight.
You ready your deck for play and draw your five cards. Your opponent does the same. First turn, your move.

You have a plethora of cards in your deck, and the ones among them in your hand are UGLY BABY (1), SUDDEN SNOOP BUST (2), POT OF THNEED (3), POORLY DRAWN EYES OBJECTIVELY STRONG DRAGON (4), and ERIDAN GOT WHAT HE DESERVED (5)

Ugly Baby


When this card is summoned, your opponent must discard one card.

ATK/1700 DEF/500

Sudden Snoop
When an opponent's monster is summoned, negate the summon; and if you do, destroy the card, then your opponent draws 1 card.

Pot of Thneed
Normal Spell
Draw 2 cards, then discard 1 spell card.
After thoroughly examining your hand, you are prepared to make your next move. That is, of course, if you understand the rules