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Press Start.

Panel #1
Your name is Blue Indivar. You're that guy in the blue there, you see?

...Well, that's probably not very helpful.

You're the cool-looking guy in the blue, there. The one in the mask. That helps, right?


You find yourself on the main road leading through your hometown, Eldarin. It's been a long time since you were anywhere near home - two years, you think? - and in the time since, you've gotten up to some wacky hijinks. There was the time you single-handedly beat up a crew of pirates after they tried to throw you overboard, for example. It helped that you did it while they were asleep, granted, but it still counts. Oh, and don't forget when you found the legendary Phantom Pyramid of the Rasaka Desert, though since it disappeared right after you found it, you don't have much in the way of proof.

But that's getting a little off track.

You happened to be in the right part of the world, so you decided to drop in on old Eldarin. Hasn't changed a bit.

What do you do?