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June 14th, 20X3

To whoever has found their hands on this journal, allow me to introduce myself.

I used to have a name, which would make this introduction much easier. However, that name left me with the rest of my previous memories. However, those among the Vampire High Council refer to me as "Blackblood".

This was originally because, during the first few weeks of my newfound amnesia, my blood color was the only thing to identify me with. The name eventually stuck among the community and I never objected.

I am a black-blooded vampire living in the under-city of New Chicago. The city itself, or at least the under-city, is a melting pot of supernatural life. The state of the area is constant war between representatives of the VHC and the Alpha Pack, which is essentially a Werewolf High Council, only much more chaotic and rancorous.

They've been at war for as long as I can remember, which granted isn't long but I digress. VHC historians say that it's because of their mutual hatred for each other, and that it's always been this way. I can't help but think to myself that fighting a war due to sentiment of things that have always been seems like a horrid and frankly idiotic reason to continue a struggle.

I work under the service of Adrian Cortez, a member of the "High Council" portion of the VHC and personal adviser to Lord Alucard himself. He's been dispatched to this city to quell the hostilities between them and the Alpha Pack members in the city by any means possible. Adrian feels the same way as I upon the issue, agreeing that the war shouldn't continue very much longer.

Though i am very new to the whole concept of vampirism, I've had great luck at finding my place within the community. I'll probably have future entries about people and places specifically.

This is most of what I'm confident about putting into words at the moment. The whole situation seems uncoordinated and chaotic, so i'm planning to continue this journal as a single source of consistency, something to anchor me to what I used to be. Perhaps in writing, I will subconsciously discover something i'd long forgotten.

As the candlelight fades, I feel myself drag my body like a magnet to the sheets that rest in a mess upon my bed. The sun is coming up soon, and due to reasons you can probably imagine, I won't be of much use during the day. I'll end the entry here so I can rest my eyes. Hopefully by next week I'll have more to write about.