Mia: Answer Howard

Panel #1

tremblingSkyscaper [TS] began pestering contumaciousCrab [CC]

TS: Hey, you there?
CC: is it important
TS: Kinda. I can't find Felmoa, we were supposed start alchemizing that stupid magical duct tape for the Universe Rip, and Veelin is gonna beat our asses in if we don't get some work done
CC: uh
CC: yeah she's with me
CC: where are you i can come over with her and help out if you want
TS: Sure, hang on let me check the map
CC: ok cool
TS: So what were you guys doing?
CC: nothing
CC: i was just talking to her
TS: ...
TS: If you could see my face right now, you would see that I'm not convinced :I
CC: yeah whatever
CC: just give me your fucking location
TS: Jeez, alright. Don't get your jimmies in a fucking rustle
CC: jimmies? lmao
TS: Yeah, that old fashion word for underwear
TS: You know vocabulary
CC: you sound like an old guy haha
TS: ):I