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You are now a TALENTLESS HACK. You sit in front of your computer, BROWSING FORUMS and READING COMICS.

Suddenly it dawns on you.. you're as good as any other making these comics. You've seen the effort put into CONTINUITY, PROPER CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and GENERAL SCENE DESIGN, and by sitting in your chair not doing anything you're easily doing TRIPLE that, as far as effort is concerned.

The only issue is that you do not have a DRAWING TABLET. Even the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS foretold of the SWEET AESTHETICS one could pull off with a good tablet. Either that or they were talking about painting with intestines, you could never work out which.

Anyway, your main problem is: you don't have one. A tablet, that is, not a pair of intestines. Mulling over it for a moment, you realize the average reader probably wouldn't even be able to tell the difference on this site between a tablet and a mouse, and you proceed to PLUG IN A SMALL FURRY MAMMAL to your COMPUTER.

Thus began the idiocy that followed.