Be Siwi

Panel #1
Your name is SIWI. You love to draw and enjoy putting on some fancy eyeliner but YOU'RE NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You also like to use black lipstick but your mother thinks you look way too emo.
As was previously mentioned you like to draw but you're just too lazy. Just look at your room SIWI! All you've done is taking a base room from the internet and added some posters of stuff you like. At least you put some work to your character that still looks like the mess you are. You also covered up your window cause WHO KNOWS WHO MIGHT BE WATCHING!! And on top of that YOU HAVE DYSLEXIA! Oh god SIWI, no wonder why your username is MCD on discord. Which is Mentally challenged dyslexian incase you couldn't guess that. It's on discord where you talk with your friends and- OH GOD SIWI, WHAT ARE THOSE SOCKS?!
What about em socks!?