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Panel #1

JADE: i brought snacks!
KANAYA: Oh Really
KANAYA: What Are These

JADE: oranges!
JADE: have you never seen one?

KANAYA: Our Diet For The Last Few Sweeps Was Low On Produce Of All Kinds
KANAYA: Everyone Seemed Content To Subsist Mostly On Packaged Rations

JADE: that sounds like them >:/
JADE: no one ever wanted to eat their vegetables

KANAYA: In Our Defense We Did Not Have Much In The Way Of Alchemy Ingredients
KANAYA: Or Grist Really Although Dave Had His Gristtorrent Running
KANAYA: We Were Quick To Turn To Piracy Under The Circumstances
KANAYA: It Appears We Would In Fact Download A Grubloaf

JADE: so thats where it all went
JADE: i guess i cannot blame you, you didnt have underlings to resupply yourselves
JADE: and i am not sure how you would alchemize an orange...
JADE: but these are good, youll see

KANAYA: How Do You Eat Them
JADE: i used to bite into the whole thing but appaaaaaaarently thats not how you do it :P
JADE: at least i was harshly reprimanded for doing so
JADE: the inside parts are for eating
JADE: or you can suck out the juice and pretend youre a vampire!
JADE: or not pretend in your case lol

KANAYA: Those Fantasies Became A Lot Less Engaging When I Was Faced With The Reality
KANAYA: Thank You For The Refreshments

JADE: just to make sure i have everything you told me down right...
JADE: we need one of the queens rings for echidna to release the frog?

KANAYA: Thats Right
KANAYA: It Will Then Travel To The Battlefield And Hatch Within It

JADE: the poor little planet :(
JADE: it seems wasteful since we just fixed it

KANAYA: Skaia Must See It As Another Needful Sacrifice
KANAYA: Of Course The Tadpole Must Be Nurtured By The Grist Released From Our Denizens Hoards

JADE: jake and jane got back to me, their denizens are on board!
KANAYA: I Have Heard From All But Roxy
KANAYA: Apparently Nix Is Stalling

JADE: maybe roxy hasnt finished her quest yet???
JADE: its hard to tell, not everyones is as dramatic as roses

KANAYA: She Does Have A Flair For Theatrics
KANAYA: A Trait I Am Learning Appears To Be Hereditary
KANAYA: I Hope Shes Alright

JADE: im sure wed have heard if she wasnt
JADE: she can take care of herself, or at least she used to be able to
JADE: i guess youd know better than me these days...

KANAYA: She Tends To Be Almost Frighteningly Competent If Not Under The Sway Of Some Mind Altering Substance
KANAYA: Which I Believe Is Not The Case At This Moment

JADE: i heard about what happened during your trip :(
JADE: we will all have to watch out for her now to make sure she gets better

KANAYA: Plans Are In Motion In That Regard
JADE: oh! that reminds me
JADE: i said we might make an outfit for her since she was missing out

KANAYA: I Do Have Sketches For Some Projects I Never Finished
JADE: perfect! lets look at them