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??: Please, Begin The Extensive Monologue

??: Greetings, reader.
??: You must be here seeking an adventure, yes?
??: Well then, an adventure you shall receive.
??: On my account, of course.
??: I'm afraid that you can't exactly request an adventure.
??: I already have one in mind!
??: This adventure will be of six children, yes, children, playing a game to bring about a new world to replace the one they've destroyed.
??: These children will face obstacles they have never thought they'd face.
??: These children will meet each challenge with either a brave face or a horrified one.
??: But most of all...
??: What these children will do...
??: At least, in the beginning...
??: Is argue.
??: Oh yes, they will argue a whole fuckload of a lot.
??: See, this is the key example of player choice gone utterly wrong.
??: This is also the key example of exactly why you should never accept to beta a game when they pick named out of a hat.
??: Coincidences are extremely fucked up.
??: Will these children be able to pull through, or will they be fighting the wrong thing until both have lost?
??: Anyhow, welcome to the end of eras.
??: Ice is most definitely not melting back to life.
??: Please, enjoy the story in which I, the author, shall write.
??: Make sure to grab some gummy bears while you're at it.