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Panel #1
Hello, friends, viewers, readers and anyone else out there who may have stumbled upon this tale by any means. Whether new or old, whether this comic is just put up, or you're looking back through its archives. I would like to welcome you here.

In one particular instance of this universe, April 13th, 2009 four kids started an adventure that would have earth-shattering consequences. But what of the millions of others who played that self-same game, in countless other versions of that planet? The tale you are about to read, the adventure that lies before you, has nothing to do with that other adventure you're so familiar with, which led you here in the first place, I'm sure. That does not mean that it has no value, and I would hope you would like to know about another group that played that game. People just like you or I, trying their best to play and win.

Eight players, Eight friends, Eight heroes to obtain the Ultimate Reward, they hope. I cannot promise you will be enthralled, I can only hope to provide you with another experience.

All this being said, I won't speak to you directly again until the journey concludes, so again welcome, and enjoy.