Panel #1

insufferableFamine [IF] began trolling problematicTrimming [PT]

IF: Hey
IF: Are you +here
IF: P+

PT: \/\/hat do you \/\/ant? I'm busy right no\/\/.
PT: If you ha\/e no business \/\/ith me I'll go no\/\/.

IF: 1 +hough+ you m1gh+ wan+ someone +o +alk +o
PT: \/\/ell I don't.
IF: What are you even busy wi+h anyways
PT: Nothing important that you should kno\/\/.
PT: If you think you're going to pry it out of me, you're most definitely \/\/rong.
PT: Mainly because \/\/hat I'm doing right no\/\/ has absolutely nothing to do \/\/ith you.

problematicTrimming [PT]
ceased trolling insufferableFamine [IF]

IF: Sorry