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Panel #1
The curtain opens revealing our main actor to this play. You are the Dashing Little Mouser Thief GILL. You are currently standing in the dark and somewhat dusty building you call your HIDEOUT! Well really it is just one of many hideouts you have scattered throughout RHYTHM CITY. In your line of business you find it's best to be prepared. Never know when a jobs going to go south. But that rarely happens to you seeing as you are THE BEST THIEF IN THE WORLD. Of course your rather modest about this, you don't want to make anyone feel bad if they happen to get the chance to bask in your presence. You just recently finished one of the biggest heists of your career and have come back to your hideout to relax and enjoy your spoils. Besides your job you love TAKING WALKS AT NIGHT, YO-YOs and also having a taste of the SOUR STUFF.

What shall you do?