Panel #1
Greetings. Graze a while and listen.

This is an interactive diary I created. If you have discovered it, I have either long since perished or have managed to upload it to a safer location than my old systems.

As my time is running short, relatively. I will be documenting memories and knowledge as to preserve my races proud and noble history. I hope to also show you many of the wondrous places of interest around my world!

I am the last of my race and many, many years old. Built in their purest image as an aid to my creator, I now collect legends and fables to preserve our heritage. All I ask of you is to share our stories. We deserve to be remembered by more than just the stars.

Now. As this is an interactive diary, I'm sure that might be a bit confusing to you. Time flows differently depending on where and when you may be reading this. So with the little clockwork magics left in me, and a little luck, you theoretically should be able to submit queries and questions into the log and I will receive them. While this isn't a direct form of communication, it should allow for a strange wriggled form of interaction. Ask questions, make suggestions, get involved. Its very lonely being the last here and its fun to think that I have a travel companion along my journeys.

The last sun is setting and I will go into sleep mode shortly after. Until then, let me play you a bards song from our people. A lullaby passed down from generation to generation.