Nepetaquest 2011

Panel #1
You are Nepeta Leijon.

It is twilight on your fifth wriggling day, a time trolls are intended to set aside to reflect on their failures. You were never good at reflecting, or thinking in general, but you imagine your life could be a LOT MORE EXCITING! You live in a yawnring--you mean LAWNRING--precariously perched over the ocean. Your seaside community is close knit and all of your friends live nearby. The sound of the ocean coming in against the cliffs is so soothing your recuperacoon seems redundant!

Occasionally from your window you see a group of FLARPers sailing for adventure on the HIGH SEAS. Someday you plan to join them! For now you continue to feel an unnerving sense of restlessness.

What will you do?

Before you begin:
Hi, I'm aceofspudz. I'm writing (and as of July 2013, resuming) Nepetaquest.

I don't want anyone to feel cheated, so I should point out that there are a lot of original characters in it and there is a lot of time spent on characters who aren't Nepeta. It is sometimes serious business. There are some panels with pretty dodgy art, although I put effort in and it does get better.

Its primary intent is to explore a semi-realistic vision of Alternia as I think it might exist, sometimes through Nepeta's eyes and sometimes through the eyes of others. Its secondary intent is to give Nepeta a grand adventure to take part in. So, please enjoy!