Panel #1
Who's this little pro gamer?

Your name is DEEVAH SONGAN. Yeah, you're sort of a BIG DEAL on the INTERWEBS. You're also known as D.VA and you're pretty much FAMOUS. You have a variety of interests, of course, including GAMING... and thats PRETTY MUCH IT. You are currently living with your TWO MOTHERS in their hive. You usually reside in your own hive, but this is a SPECIAL OCCASION. Your room has been decorated to show your true GAMER AESTHETIC. Your trolltag is dVa (see? you hacked the system. you're totally a pro girl gamer.) and you speak in a way tht will ttly own ALL dese noobz!! ;)

You have a tendancy to get just a little bit angry at your totally VINTAGE and MODERN video games. You take real pride at your riduciously large collection. You've played every single game in existance. Probably. You've preordered a new HOT and FRESH video game, straight from the INTERWEB. You're getting it early, of course. You're simply THAT MUCH of a PRO girl gamer. You've ordered two copies for both you and your moirail, LUCIOH. Yeah, you're both kind of a big deal. Nothing big of course. Nope. You've heard good things about SGRUB.